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Company "Talmanas" is an independent surveying company

The organisation is a closed joint-stock company established in 1993. Talmanas had always been among the leaders in independent consulting and surveying in Klaipeda port.

JSC Talmanas is operating at Klaipeda Harbor, the northernmost ice-free port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda port is the largest Lithuanian transport hub connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West. It's annual capacity is 30 million tons of cargo.

Surveyor and consultant

Being one of the most oldest and experienced service providers in the market, "Talmanas" company has the specific knowledge of handling any kind of cargo that could be served at Klaipeda's harbor or anywhere else.

In addition, we use only the accredited laboratories for samples testing to guarantee quality results.

About Us

"Talmanas" is not in any way directly or indirectly connected to any trading organisation and therefore can act as a free and independent surveyor and inspector.

Port of Klaipeda

Our main activities include technical inspection of machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals, consumer goods, building and wooden materials at Klaipeda sea-port.

Lloyd's Register

We have acquired all required licenses and permissions for such activities and are registered in Lloyd's Register since 18th of May, 2005.


As the number of cargoes processed by Klaipeda's port has increased, the variety of services we render, has increased accordingly.

Below is the list of the popular services we can provide:
  • Holds inspection
  • Test of the holds and cargo surface for salt availability
  • Watertightness of hatches
  • Draught survey
  • Tally
  • Full attendance during loading/discharging operations
  • Sampling
  • Description of cargo condition
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Pre-loading survey
  • Description of defects of steel products as per unit (plate/coil/bundle, etc.)
  • Radioactivity tests
  • On/Off-hire survey of holds/hatches condition and bunker survey
  • Photographs taking and film making
  • Determination of quantity of meat/fish commodities
  • Temperature measuring
  • Determination of quantity and quality of tropical fruit
  • Determination of quantity and quality of agriculture's
  • Determination of quantity and quality of liquid cargoes transported in tankers and rail-tank-cars (Liquids fertilizer, molasses, alcohol products, oils, fuel, etc.)

All services are available 24/7 - please contact our managers for a consultation.


We are proud to provide our services to the following businesses:

Amber Bay Shipping
Baltic Group
Baltic Shipping
Baltmarine Shipping
Klaipeda Shipping
Limarko Shipping
Rupeksa Shipping
Bel-Kap-Steel Scandinavia
New Alpha Shipping
WM H. Muller & Co.
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If you require a quote for a particular service or you need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us!